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Housemaid.com.sg is undoubtedly a very well organized and maintained exclusively portal comprising of a huge database of Housemaids and their respective Housemaid recruitment agencies ( maid agency singapore ), plus all the first hand information relevant to the Housemaid recruitment.  

Firstly the portal is one of its kind so far developed in the entire Singapore IT sector, where the recruitment agency has all the facility to upload the images/photographs, a very detailed profile including the past employment record and the duties that a prospective Housemaid is skilled in etc,.  The portal which is maintained by one of the best online service provider taking care of all the online and offline promotional activities that is relevant to a Housemaid recruitment agency.

The Housemaid.com.sg portal provides Genuine, first hand information about each and every Housemaid, registered there in there by offering the viewer/prospectors Housemaid employer a huge database equipped with very relevant filters to narrow down his search and ultimately shortlist the prospective Housemaid of his choice.

The portal as mentioned is of a very high technical quality and is equipped with a facility of a auto notification, where the Housemaid recruitment agency/the Housemaid employer will received timely notifications, via mails, stating the status of their registration, validity of the Housemaid documents etc which surely is a plus point over any other media competitors.

The Housemaid portal is equipped with an exceptionally advanced CRM application (or the customer relationship Management).  which automatically takes care of the customer details and relevant notifications mailing etc., which saves time and manpower.


The portal has also been designed for mobile viewing, since a majority of the search now days take place on the smart phones.  The mobile version has all the facilities that the desktop version offers the viewer; the mobile version can be continently viewed though the I phone applications and the most widely used android application.  The I phone application can very conveniently downloaded through the turns and the android application through a number of certified sites.


Since the housemaid.com.sg portal happens to be a common hub for the Housemaid employer as well as the Housemaid recruitment agency, the exchange of data over the web should be seamless and of very high standards and over the online interactions such as online promotional activities, reminders for renewal of licenses and verification of the relevant documents online should process automatically there by reducing the time and Manpower involved in it. Housemaid.com.sg is such a portal that is equipped with such a unique application thereby minimizing the otherwise cumbersome procedure this apart the application performs unique tasks with a very simple user interface.  Where the agency can easily up load, and download details of prospective Housemaids modify the same as an when needed and the application is capable of Generating, printable versions of any details that are needed, and send the same to the designated emails, and also forward in coming emails to other mail boxes.

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