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Looking for Maid or Helper in Singapore? History of housemaids dates back to the Victorian era where the many middle class families would hire maids for the household works. Maids were once part of an elaborate hierarchy in royal families, where they were hired separately as female and male for indoors and outdoors respectively. Nowadays much of the households usually rely on maids, employed through an agency (Maid Agency Singapore). Today a single maid or helper may be the only domestic worker in a household who is responsible for maintaining the house, cooking, child care, and care for the elderly and so on. Nonetheless, the work of a maid has always been hard, involving a full day of extensive duties which usually would be specified by the employer while hiring. In certain geographical locations, various factors play an important role in the labour source of domestic workers. These factors may range from the total income of households, poverty, limited opportunities for the employment, and less educated women in case of female helpers. However these domestic helpers and English speaking helper are much in demand in countries like Singapore and Malaysia where the need for a housemaid is more a necessity than a luxury since the number of working couple is more. And taking care of the household is quite beyond the ability of these kinds of population owing to the fact that they have to spend most of their time in their place of work and commute back to their dwelling at insane hours which practically make their life mechanical and hectic. This is where the necessity of a reliable domestic helper plays a role. Not to mention these families inevitably have to hire a domestic maids and English speaking helper through a maid service agency which provides them the ease of hiring the housemaid. Looking for helper in Singapore? And if you dont have time to find your perfect maid, here is your option. Our Eazymaid portal has a huge database of housemaids legally registered under MOM recognized Housemaid recruitment agencies. So find your domestic maid here with ease.

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