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A Cambodian maid is the one who hails from the country Cambodia. Though Cambodian maids are less common in Singapore, many agencies prefer them as well because there is a need for these employees here by a particular sector. There is a maid agency in Singapore that provides fresh and experienced Cambodian maids in order to suit the clients’ needs. Like in the case of other regional preferences some employers prefer them since they consider as hard-working and easily trained and molded to their atmosphere.

Cambodian maids are quick learners and have a keen interest in learning new things. They are not only hard-working, but are committed to their work, and are willing to work without taking off-days. Though communication barriers may occur for the new employees, from Cambodia, since they are fast learners and have a keen interest in learning they prove their capabilities in relation to their linguistic proficiency too. There are a few agencies that specifically have focused on importing the workforce from Cambodia, especially domestic workers of either gender. These maids are proficient in speaking the local dialect and other languages like Malay and mandarin which gets them a better edge while looking from the linguistic point of view since communication plays a very important role in the life of a housemaid. The current maid agency Singapore plan to bring in a significant number of maids from Cambodia in the coming years which is three times the number now in Singapore. The MOM has apparently approved Cambodia as one of the recent source countries for domestic workers in Singapore.

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