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Looking for Filipino maid? The Filipino domestic workers in Singapore tend to be young and gender-balanced. Most Filipinos converse with the local population in English. However, they communicate with their community in Tagalog too or in Philippine local language. Most of them who live and work in Singapore as domestic help also seemed to have picked a few Cantonese phrases in everyday life and a few are adept at Cantonese usage. Most Filipinos are religious. A vast majority of them are Christians, Roman Catholics; many spend at least a part of their Sunday mornings attending Mass and various church services. Muslims or Buddhists are also found off and on but fall under the minority category. They are well versed with the living conditions in Singapore unless coming for the first time. Most of the Filipino maids are well disciplined and are loyal to the employers and are the most sought after maids both by the maid agencies in Singapore maid agencies in Singapore and the employers as well. If you are looking for a Filipino maid then there is no reason to not go for Eazymaid. This portal has a huge database of fresh, Ex-Singapore & experienced Filipino maids in Singapore.

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