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A new maid as the name suggests refers to a maid who has no previous experience and is quite new to the profession. However, a new maid or new helper has certain plus points while in comparison to the experienced maid. The new helper will be usually quite inquisitive and curious to understand the inner aspects of the profession and prove herself to the expectations of the employer so that she can stay in good books and later on obtain a positive certification about her services, which apparently carries her a long way through. In general new maids are more courteous and obedient in comparison to the other experienced maids. Their still-raw performance can be moulded according to one’s needs so that the new maid or new helper gains perfection in her duties.

A new maid will generally be full of enthusiasm and active comparatively and does almost every job assigned with great interest and dedication. Mostly of a younger age, a new helper will rarely get tired and works much faster than her aged counterpart maids who due to their age factor are less active and agile. When it comes to the financial aspect a new maid or new maid can be hired for a lower salary pack, because of her lower level of work related experience. Though this can be a hindrance from the maid point of perspective, it is undoubtedly an advantage to the employer while negotiating the salary. New maids in general are honest and are not adamant. Their drawbacks keep them away from indulging in activities that may hamper their career graph thereby making them more perceptive about the things that take place around them and instigate a sense of awareness about them. In a nutshell new helper have their own plus points, at times making them the preferred ones.

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